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good evening and thanthanks for joining us. >> desperate times are forcing bay area men to turn to the world's oldest profession. they're actually in front of your local hardware store. >> they're not your typical prostitute. they are men day laborers desperate for money. some resorting to sex to survive. it's a sad reality in southern california and we have learned it's happening here in the bay area, too. you frequently see day laborers outside of hardware stores and storage yards waiting patiently hoping you'll hire them to clean up your yard, paint your home or help you move. but oftentimes people take advantage of them, not paying them enough or at all. and now we're learning some are victims of physical and sex abuse. employers prey on their desperation. >> he doesn't want that worker to do any work, he wants to take
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advantage of him sexually. he tells the worker i need work digging. let's go do some digging or anything that he might offer that welcome. but he has something else in mind. >> gomez says he's been approached four times recently. always saying no. one time he was offered 400ed. others offer their home to let them shower and try to take vachk them afterwards. down in southern california, solicitations for sex are even higher. a study done found that about 40% of day laborers have been approached for sex. n nearly 10% of those men have: accepted the offer. and a majority said they didn't use condoms. health officials fear that will increase the sexually transmitted diseases and more sex education for this demographic is needed. new tonight at 6:00, the
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murder of a gay man in june may not have been a murder at all but may be a tore risk. the attorney for the man arrested said today that the victim died in a terrible accident during consensual sex and some erotic form of asphyxia. the attorney said the two went to the park for sex after meeting at a bar. he claims his client panicked and tried to cover up the crime by burning up the body. the exact cause of death hasn't been released yesterday. there are three suspect this is # bryan stow beating case, but what about the man who was wrongly accused? he's since been exonerated. he broke his silence from jail. through his attorney, he said more than anything, i'm upset not for myself, but for the grieve and embarrassment that my friends, family and loved ones
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have been put through. the 31-year-old is currently serving a ten month sentence for an unrelated parole violation. as for the new suspects, sanchez and norwood are being held on $500,000 bail. sanchez's attorney will ask for a bail reduction on monday. both men will be arraigned on charges of assault, mayhem and battery on august 10th. meanwhile bryan stow remains in serious condition at san francisco's general hospital. after the attack at dodgers stadium which happened march 31st. a candlelight vigil is set for paris powell, the man shot to death while feeding the homeless in east oakland. powell who was better known on the streets as brother john died late wednesday night after he and his family were handing out food. powell's wife and child were also shot. thets one seriously injured. tonight's vigil will take pce at 8:30 where the shooting happened. police are now saying that shooter may have been driving a
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van similar to this one. 2001 newer ford windstar. if you know anything, you're asked to call the police department. there were tears, but there were also some smiles as they celebrated his life. services were held in san rafael today for a marin county sheriff's deputy killed while helping a friend. jim mathison was a nine year veteran of the department. >> reporter: when you met jimmy, he was your friend. >> he was considered a father figure. he was a mentor. he was a leader. >> reporter: marin county sheriff's deputy was happiest when he was surrounded by feel and friends. today those loved ones turned out in marin county to surround him one last time. >> i don't know how this one guy can help people in a lifetime. >> reporter: they filled the auditorium with tales of
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mathison's big heart and even bigger spirit. >> some people offer to help you move. jim just did it. all of a sudden he shows up. if somebody was building a deck, jim was there. if somebody was needing gravel, jim was there. >> reporter: he worked as a construction worker until at the age of 40 he followed a calling. >> we don't get many people joining the department at 40, but jim really took to it. he always wanted to help people and he finally found a profession where he could help a lot of people. >> reporter: friends spoke of him pitching n ining in. it was in that same spirit on july 19th he went to help a friend who said she was stalked by an ex-boyfriend. the ex-boyfriend shot and killed mathison before he himself was killed by the woman's brother. >> when jim said he would give his life for you, he meant it.
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and jim would have had it no other way. >> reporter: he leaves behind a wife and two sons and legions of co-workers and friends he touched along the way. well, the debt ceiling crisis continues in washington today. late this s could be belled together and imagined a bill that included a balance budget amendment that doomed to defeat from senate democratses in a vote that took place just within the last 30 minutes. the vote tally in the senate 59-41. capping what has been a fpracti net tick week in washington. congress is running out of time. it will be in crisis for real come august 2nd.
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>> so he rolled out a plan to grow the state's economy both at home and overseas. he unveiled his plan today in the south bay. we're joined by kimberly tere who was with the lieutenant governor today and was it this a political posturing by him or a viable plan? >> reporter: i don't know. is t. sounded like a viable plan, but you never know with politics. so i think can he only answer that. what i can tell you is that we've seen a lot of these plans on how to stimulate the economy, create more jobs. well, here's another one. the difference, though, according to the lieutenant governor is in the follow-through. something he propped to see to. lieutenant governor gavin newsome says he's evaluated california's strength, knows its weak n.s and has studied the competition. analyzing the best business practices in the country and in the world. now he has a plan. >> we got to step up our game. we got to get back in the game. we have 38 specific ideas to do
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that. and we're going to move with deliberative speed to get back. >> reporter: the ideas include opening foreign offices to boost trade and export, and creating a state redevelopment agency focused on supporting start ups and small business. >> i believe investing in people and products nap if our economy and middle class will come back in the states, we have to produce products. and we've got to get back into the manufacturing game. >> reporter: newsome says he's pushing his plan forward meeting with business leaders to generate and streamline ideas. >> of course the difficulties will come in the implementation, that's always tough, but it's really important work. >> reporter: city leaders and economists say newsome's plan is ambitious. tom means, professor of economics, says it's important the lieutenant governor get the private sector engaged. >> what i think should happen is government should set up a stable environment that encourages investment and then get out of the way. and see what p has. i don't think you plan an
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economy to say we're going to be a green or clean economy. i think you get out of the way and see what happens. >> reporter: you're probably wondering about the study and who funded it. it was largely funded by the silicon valley leadership group, a trade organization that represents a 345 ceo ons. newsome says he plans to do a lot of private fund-raising to implement this plan. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. the final hearing for the two uc berkeley grads imprisoned in iran is scheduled for sunday. today family members and supporters rallied calling for their reese lease. josh fattal and shane bauer are still from prison after two years. the two along with sarah shroud were hiking when they were arrested. today sarah repeated the three
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did not knowingly cross the iranian border, but iranian authorities accuse them of he is pea imagine and illegal entry. fattal and bauer have completed not guilty he. >> the hunt is on to capture two young sea lions at peer 39. not because they pose a threat, but instead to help them remove very unwanted jewelry. wildlife rescuers somehow got tangled in wires and now they're wrapped around their necks. it could eventually harm them. rescuers have madseveral attempts to catch the two, but they haven't been able to snare them. the plan is now just to monitor them and to wait until they land on the beach or escape is a little less likely. here's a story about christmas in july, the art of giving. how one san francisco academy is teaching us a lesson that will help thousands of children. and the tiny device making a big difference for northern california baby. the technology keeping her alive while she waits for a transplant. and good evening.
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i'm jeff ranieri. we did have some 90 degree heat in the bay area, however, san francisco officially coming in with just 64 and oakland 69. pretty strong on shore flow right now that will keep it cool throughout tonight with temperatures droin mgnto th i 60s. we'll also have details on some sierra thunderstorms currentlye cropping up and also tropical storm don in texas.
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is this really christmas in july? sure there is for many bay area families. christmas wouldn't be the same without the generosity of the san francisco firefighters toy program. it's been operating out of an old firehouse for the past 35 years. but an eviction notice has threatened its future. now someone has swooped in to save the charity from shutting down all together. we bring in tracy grant with the story and it seems like a remarkable story. >> reporter: well, this is where
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the san francisco firefighters unions santa usually hands out presents to underprivileged kids. the firefighters say that this place was perfect. mr.'s plen plenty of public, lots of store annual and public transportation is nearby. where were they ever going to find another spot just like it for free? >> it's very uplifting for the firefighters to seat kids because you can see how happy they are to get a bike or something they weren't expecting at christmas. >> reporter: for more than half a century, firefighters have been collected donating toy tsz and delivering them to children who might otherwise have no presents to open for christmas. in 1976, they moved their operation into this abandoned fire station where it has grown considerably. san francisco firefighters union president tom o'connor says last year in the throes of the recession, the need for toys was higher than ever before. >> and also the sisters of mercy
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were running a soup consume eki of there, as well. >> reporter: it looked like the toy program would not be around to celebrate another christmas. >> it was frightening because it's a real shoe string charity. so if we had to pay apash ont tant rent, we'd be out of business. >> reporter: the fire kept told then construction equipment would soon fill the parking lot and the building would be brought p to code, but the toy program wasn't invited to return. he says after a few frustrating months, they approached one of the city's larger land owners. >> they were looking for space to put their toys. when they came to us, we told them we would support it and provide it rent free. >> reporter: this warehouse in the bayview district is one of more than 40 buildings the cad any o academy owns. o'connor says the gift will not only score more toys than before, but there's room for offices and it's right next door to a fire station. >> it will work out really well for us and we're more than
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excited. >> reporter: now, the academy spokesman told us that they never questioned whether they were going to help the fire department. the academy says it has had a long charitable history with the firefighters, they say right now they have between 10 and 15 students off spring of firefighters who are attending the university on full scholarship. live in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> that is great news. a pilot escaped death after an emergency landing in lake huron. tonight he's speaking out for the first time. michael trapp was heading from new york to wisconsin when his two seater developed engine trouble. this was four hours in to the flight. here's a picture of him here. he had to land the plane, emergency landing, in the lake near the michigan shore line. >> once i relaxed, got on my back and started to float. and the waves were ten feet. then i had to make a plan. that's when i gathered my
6:17 pm
thoughts and realized you got to get things together so you can survive. >> he got things together in a big way. it trapp had to tread water for 18 hours before he was spotted by a boat and rescued. this all happened on wednesday. yosemite park officials have scaled back the search for those three central valley college students that were swept away over a water fall last week. the accident, though, is still having vae sobering effect on tore wrists visiting the park. photos posted by the vehicle tips famiti victims reminds visitors about the tragedy. it's a profound teaching month for kids, even little ones who can't read ask about the photos and messages and are getting very serious lessons on obeying park warnings to stay on trails and to stay behind barriers. she says it made the dvacation more educational. we have beautiful weather around here, but on the different parts of the country, there is a tropical storm taking
6:18 pm
place. don is taking aim at the south texas coast near the mexican border. >> today surfers took advantage of the bigger than normal waives. the storm is expected to make landfall in just a matter of hours bringing with it several inches of rain to parts of that drought stricken state. campers were ordered to evacuate because of fear of flooding. jeff ranieri has his eye on the storm and joins us from our "weather center." >> not a major storm, but could be causing rip currents and also higher than normal tide levels across southern texas. the center of the storm just offshore between corpus christi and also brownsville. winds at 50 miles an hour really making it a minimal storm at this point as it continue its to move in. what we'll find is this weakening over the next 24 to 48 hours. eventually becoming a depression throughout tomorrow morning. winds right now once again gusting up to 65 miles per hour. so we're going to see a kim inches of rainfall when all is
6:19 pm
said and done just south of corpus christi. but they need about 15 to 17 inches there in parts of texas. meanwhile back here, we are out of our drought from our very, very strong rainfall season. not only this year, but for the past two years in a row. and right now we're also tracking some rainfall up here across the sierra. it's been a while since we've had to pull out the ray todarad. but more on that later on. and on shore cooling flow. 64 in san francisco, 80 in is show and i. livermore officially with 87 degrees. so slightly above average in the east bay. but the fog coming back quickly. 68 here in san francisco and winds northwest at 17. other numbers that are down right now with that on shore flow, san jose already at 74.
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winds mainly westerly at 5 to 10 miles per hour. that will keep it cool tonight. look at this marine layer, it is just really going here up at about 2,000 feet offshore. that's why we're not going to see some really hot weather this weekend. we're talking about mainly 80s here with this region of high pressure and it's also going to feel a little bit sticky out there. so humid area rotating around this region of high pressure as we head into this weekend. so if anything, it's good for your skin there. let's a look at tomorrow morning. upper 50s to low 60s to start. 76 in san jose and 65 in san mateo. may find delay mismorning city with severe weather. so once again, if you're feeling something in the atmosphere, it's that humidity this weekend. >> good for our skin. >> yes. >> chief resident doctor jeff ranieri. a new report from the institute of medicine recommends a major overhaul to the system that puts medical devices on the market. with the current system, a
6:21 pm
device is cleared by the fda if it's similar to another device already on the market. the report claims that process fails to determine if the new device is safe and effective before it goes on sale. industry representatives have discredited the support saying any overhaul will slow down the process and delay patients' access to new therapies. more confusion tonight over breast cancer prevention techniques. research published in a british medical journal says that's little evidence that advanced screenings have helped cheer up the on dlts going confusion. screenings have upped the beth cancer deaths. the report says better treatment has improved the survival rate, but not the screenings. breast cancer charities are rejecting that finding, though. >> it's vital in the fight. screening can detect breast cancer before it can be seen or felt. and the earlier, the more likely
6:22 pm
your treatment will be successful. >> 1400 lives are saved by screening each year in the uk. still ahead, a moment thent changed her life. hear from the east bay teen paralyzed by a hit and run crash. the search for the driver and her will to go on. coming up, i'll show you how a tiny ngsavi lhe o tes aiv saving the lives of some bay area babies. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney.
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. meddling parentseses disruptive kids. this sunday, you've heard of teacher's pet shall we'll talk about teacher's pet peeves. an educator from san jose joins us to spell out the things has drive teachers crazy. you can guess what's on the list? turns out it's much bigger and
6:25 pm
deeper and more i'd lodge cam than you would get. you can hear all her pet peeves on class action sunday morning at 9:30 right here on nbc bay area. >> seems like they're always working on something ground breaking. tonight there's new hope for babies struggling with heart problems. an artificial heart that can help them survive. maryann farvro tells us about babies benefiting in palo alto. >> reporter: lucille packer chrn's shopt one of the first in the nation to save baby's lives by using a tiny artificial official heart. when audrey was born, her weak heart couldn't pump enough blood through her body. doctors say she need as heart transplant because she's an infant, she may need to wait three to six months for a donor heart. so last month, doctors at lucille hacker children's hospital implanted an artificial berlin heart in her tiny body. >> what happens is it drains the
6:26 pm
blood into a little pumping chamber and then it's pressurized with an air compressor and drives the blood back into the body. and that's the job that the heart would ordinarily be doing. >> reporter: audrey's parents say because their daughter is no longer hooked up to a blood pumping machine, she's alert and they can hold her and play with her. the artificial heart is also helping audrey get stronger, be inning her chances of a successful transplant when she does find a donor. now ha thanks in part to research, an advisory committee has recommended the agency approve 9 heart for children. the berlin shaert certainly not a perfect device, patients face a risk of bleeding problems and strokes. but for those like audrey who have few options, it is definitely saving lives. in palo alto, nbc bay area news. still ahead, she may not be able to walk, but her spirit is sure strong. >> i'm blessed that i'm still
6:27 pm
me. >> an east bay teenager badly hurt in a hit and run. she's determined to live a full and happy life. >> we've heard a lot about lawmakers on capitol hill these past few weeks, but the whole mess about the debt limit debate, up next, brian williams has some candid conversation with some of the key players.
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6:29 pm
an east bay art student paralyzed by a hit and run driver wants the person responsible to know that they've changed her life forever. that driver hasn't been caught and police are asking for your help to find them. in the meantime, amanda barnes is telling jodi hernandez her story of recovery and how she's determined to live a full life. >> all of a sudden i get like halfway into the crosswalk and i
6:30 pm
see a car approaching me. >> reporter: amanda barnes remembers the hit and run incident that changed her world forever. >> they sped up and drove right over me and just kept on going. and left me out there on the cement. >> reporter: the impact left barnes with broken ribs, a lacerated liver, and a severed spine. >> judging by my injuries, they told me that i was most likely going to go permanently paralyzed from the waste down and i was just like, oh, my god. i'm not going to walk again. >> reporter: but barnes isn't dwelling on that. instead the talented artist is focusing on the love of her family and the love she has for her craft. >> i'm blessed that i'm still me and i still have my head and my hands so i can still paint and draw and do everything that --
6:31 pm
do the thing that i was most passionate about befo. i'm pretty sure i'll be a famous artist. >> reporter: that attitude has touched emeryville police. they've set up collection boxes for barnes' recovery. and those leads have run dry, they're determined to find the driver. >> she's inspiring. so everybody is just trying to jump in and help her in some way because she is so positive. >> i think that if you use the power of your mind and just keep positive and just visualize it, visualize myself walking and i know that one day i will. >> reporter: though she's still hopeful she can beat the odds, she's got plenty right now to keep smiling. >> if i don't come out of it, i'm going to live life in a wheelchair and i'm going to make the best of it. and i'm still going to be successful.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: in the east bay, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> she has very warm smile. now to a story in the south bay. a mystery. she disappeared ten years ago this week. and now prosecutors are getting updated information on key evidence in the gentlemjanine h case. police questioned a man she met in a bar in campbell ten years ago. came prosecutors received lab test results on fiber which is could definite safely think harms to the last man to see her alive. it's bay area architect seen here. the technology has advanced significantly in the decade since harps disappeared. she was 42 years old at the time. prosecutors hope to release the new data next week. tonight we're learning that at some leaders in alameda were put on notice that a water rescue program was necessary two years before a man drowned this past memorial day according to public records. fire officials have said they weren't able to save the 52-year-old victim baas the
6:33 pm
rescue program had been discontinu discontinued. his body remained in shallow water for nearly an hour before a woman went out to retrieve it. a letter from 2009 from the leader of the firefighters union has come to light. in it, he objects to the city's 2008 decision to stop that rescue program. the letter cited the many water water rescue calls that alameda receives each year. they saw a big cat roaming the streets. a mountain lion was spotted in is san leandro last night. people called police reporting the siting. police say they responded to the calls, but did not find the mountain lion. 54 miles to the gallon may be a reality if you're patient. that's what president obama announced today in an agreement with auto manufacturers it will make 54 miles a gallon the standard for all cars by 2025.
6:34 pm
right now it's about $3.90 for a gallon of regular in san francisco and 3.82 in san jose. the plan will reduce oil consumption by 12 billion barrels between now and 2025. the average household would save about $8,000 over the next four years in gas costs. the president calls it a major victory. . >> will agreement on fuel standards represents the single most important step we've ever taken as a nation to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. >> california air resources board was present at the meeting. it played a key role by push pushing for stuff tougher standards. governor brown called it banner day. it has been a mess in washington, d.c. this week nbc news and brian williams were given unprecedented behind the scenes access to capitol hill. tonight we share some of the more candid moments with some of the key players. >> what kind of personality do
6:35 pm
you have to have to be a good whip? >> patience. >> really? and part salesman. you've got to be a superb salesman to be on n. your job. >> i would say a good listener. because you have to understand what's the desire of the member, what's the ability of the conference. >> all right, gentlemen, how are you? >> who has the toughest job in washington right now, you or the president? >> i don't know. i really don't know. >> i'm telling you, you don't look happy here. >> it's been a tough week. it's been a tough couple months for that matter. i'm not going to look happy every day. but i told my members yesterday and today, i'm a happy warrior. and i am a happy warier. >> what do you do if you've got a job to do and you've got members of the tea party caucus who are way out here who don't even agree that this could cause
6:36 pm
economic armageddon? >> a lot of people describe people differently. i find members who you might call at tea party, they're concerned about the fiscal spen spending of the country. so you work through does this have government spend less, does this give more opportunity. you listen to what their concerns are and you show them whether it's in the bill or not. >>dy ever buy a car from you? >> never bought a car from me. >> this is just a fascinating snippet of a great show, called taking the hill inside congress. brian williams exclusive behind the scenes look at what it's like in day on capitol hill. it airs sunday night at 7:00 right here on nbc bay area. very insightful. still ahead tonight, a concert for the less than the cost of lunch? we'll tell you the catch. also pot for your mooch. yes, marijuana, the west coast lab working on a way to make marijuana treatment an option for your pet fp. and good evening, some of
6:37 pm
you are cool, and others pretty hot. campbell and south san jose, 92 degrees. livermore 87. orn ght we have the cngooli on or winds ousnghiver toward the east bay andnge are talking thunderstorms if you're heade way. we'll zoom in and give and you close up look.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
certainly the loudest band to make it out of california is coming home to celebrate its 30th anniversary. metallica will play in san francisco. and if you're a fan, here's the best part. $6 tickets. there is a catch, though. you have to be a card carrying member of the metallica fan club. and who isn't? including fee, the total price
6:40 pm
to attend each show will be $19.81ed commemorating year the band was formed. it costs about $50 to join the metallica fan club. one of the most popular web videos making the rounds on facebook and twitter poke fun at the kouss of a bay area based company. we're talking about netflix. it was called funny or die. it's a spoof on what happened after netflix announced its price hike. >> i'm sorry. it's just the tears are falling on mac book pros and pier one throw pillows all across this country today. so please, call the number below. for just dollar as month, you can help an upper middle class american keep their access to dvd and streaming video. >> why!
6:41 pm
>> is this a -- that is jason alexander. he goes on to joke that some of the victims are upset that they missed their advance pilates class and talking about the upper middle class and their netflix accounts. >> serenity now. >> did they just automatically update the fee to you? >> no, what they're doing is they're increasing the fee for their system. >> i have to check into that. >> i'm not scott bud man, but i try. >> you didn't go anywhere today. you're here with us. >> yes, i'm in the studio. let's take a look outside. i don't know what else to say after that. we have some cooling winds and fog moving in to san francisco. we'll talk about what this means for your weekend forecast coming up. it's friday, guys. coming up, the giants look for their third straight win. we're live as the 49ers hit the practice field for the first time. and ma'amnamdy asomugha has a n
6:42 pm
home. well tell you where. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at namdi asomugha has a new home. well tell you where. [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital -- montrose, california. in here, anarchy meets order. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you. with unlimited voice plus broadband,
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starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. we all know people go to great renks to keep their pets healthy and happy. and happy here is really the key word. some say what's happening now may be going a little too far. a seattle lab is working on a treat pain andcc1: other problems for animals.
6:44 pm
eric will will ken son has a closer look. >> reporter: we want to keep our pets happy, since it's hard for for them to roll on a joint, a seattle company is developing a edical marijuana patch forcc1: dogs. jim's delivery systems has 359 tent patented a that much pa be used on dog, cats, even horses. >> use would a dog need medicalle pair marijuana? >> because they suffer from the same maladies. it's a question of quality of life. >> reporter: while it does conjure visions of pups control licking in fields of poppies, he says pets suffer from great pain. he says the pot patch is far more mellow. >> i'd much rather they were on something that was holistic as opposed to something that was
6:45 pm
chemical that i know chemically is bringing down some of the organs in their body. >> the patch does pose a plethora of problems. laws would have to be amended to include animals. >> do you think people would be dipping in to their dog's stash? >> that's a possibility. >> reporter: not to mention the cc1: >> and what do you do when the dog has the mun whichch which i. go to 7-eleven. >> my tongue is still hurting tcc1:he festival. i don't know if it's the heat or the garlic itself. unbelievable. but head out there. it started today. also happening saturday and sunday. a lot happening including right out here in the bay in berkeley, we do have the festival saturday and sunday, as well.
6:46 pm
and magnificent right across the water with the sun starting to set even with the clouds. kind of moving in across the bay area, still looking pretty sweet there. 87 in loss gloew [ we've dropped off a lot even though we did have some ninth in the south and east bay. already 60s and 70s, 74 in san jose, 75? sunnyvale and right now cool in san mateo with 65. tonight patchy fog for the coast. temperatures in the mid-50s. another cold at least for this time of year and here's the thing to note. for this weekend, going to be a little something in the atmosphe atmosphere. humidity sneaking up from the south that will continue the chance here of some thofrps. right now we're tracking dozens of lightning strikes right across lake tahoe down to
6:47 pm
eacceptity with isolated showers. and as we take you closer, saturday and sunday, isolated thunderstorms popping up and this humid flow moving in. marine level stacking up to about 2,000 feet. it won't budge tomorrow and that's why temperatures won't get too hot. even though we have high pressure building in, it will just keep us here on the warm side for saturday with temperatures in the 90s inland. sunday isolated mountain thunderstorms still staying in the draft. tonight, the fog builds up back it at the coastline an as we head into 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning, patchy fog for the coast and the peninsula. and for tomorrow afternoon, we'll see the fog push back, mid and high level cloud cover, more of a partly sunny to partly cloudy day for us. saturday 61 in san jose, 57 in fremont. and daytime highs cho to 90 in
6:48 pm
gilroy. 86 in dublin and 83 in palo alto. 65 in half moon bay and upper 60s and low 70s right around san francisco. fairfield mid to upper 70s. on the weather channel on cable, and your seven day forecast, here it is, monday, tuesday and wednesday we're looking at close to 90 degrees into tuesday inland and mid to upper 60s for the coastal areas and we'll see that isolated chance ofsierras. but in the bay area, smooth sailing. >> good job, jeff. >> thank you. >> let's get to sports. we have an introduction to make. john henry smith our newest
6:49 pm
sports caster here. and we've been trying to get you here for about 5 or ten years now. >> well, good things happen to those who wait. happy to be here. the giants looking for their third straight win as they head to the queen city to face the reds. oakland native willis on the mound for cinci. good to see him back on the come back trail. top of the first, lead off base hit down the right field line. and he's going to chug in there with a double. two batters later, carlos beltran, his first base hit as a giant from left field. here comes a play at the plate. rowan is going to be safe. you be the judge. it's 1-0 giants. bases loaded, no outs. we're at 3-3 as you can see. brandon phillips the deep drive to center sac fly and that ties
6:50 pm
the game up at one. throw in there not in time. next batter, going to be jay bruce. and bruce with the hard liner passed the diving aubrey huff. runner comes in to score and that will make it 2-1 reds. bottom of the second. runners on the corners now for drew stubbs. and he grounds to second base for fielder's choice. reds up 3-1. bottom of the eighth, tied at 3. former raider nnamdi asomugha is headed to philly. the five year deal is worth a reported $60 million with $25 million of that guaranteed. wow. as for the 49ers, they made some news, as well as they released kicker and center before hitting the field for first practice of the training camp. and for more on what we head to
6:51 pm
santa clara where mindy took in the sights and sounds of jim har b harbaugh's first team practice. >> reporter: i think change would be the word. the lockout is done. but the fallout from the work stoppage is far from over. some of the players seeing playbooks for the first time and still learn log their teing who teammates will be. coach harbaugh admits all this week it's all been about making adjustments. >> i've made hundreds of adjustments. the rule changes were still coming today. so a lot of time to plan for this, but i'll be glad when we know all the rules and don't have to keep changing practice
6:52 pm
schedules sometimes two, three times a day. but i'm not complaining, though. i'm not complaining. but it was a well run practice. our players really focused, started fast and they kept that tempo throughout the practice. so it was good day. >> i think all teams are facing the same thing. a lot of things are going on, a lot of times looking to get better. and right now we're focused on what we have here and just trying to take it one day at a time. but at the same time, it's a real sense of urgency as far as learning the new scheme. because it's new on both sides of the ball. >> the only thing that i didn't like about it was not getting to know the new coaching staff, not getting to know the playbooks and stuff ahead of time to be able to go out on the field and rep the things that we need to
6:53 pm
learn. >> reporter: and then there are the more typical events that happen in a training camp, running back frank gore is holding out for a new contract. injuries keeping michael crabtree off the field. so while harbaugh would like to have his veterans on the field, he said you need to move forward and when one player does not have the opportunity, another one gains the advantage. >> thank you very much, mindy. football is back and feels good. that's sports. back to you. and it's a big loss, nnamdi asomugha, for the bay area. six years with our station. we didn't match the $20 million, though. >> oh, no. >> for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, you can watch comcast sports net central tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste
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we have an inspiring tonight at 11:00. he lost both of his legs and part of his hand, but the war in afghanistan did not dampen his spirits. tonight meet one u.s. veteran who might lose something else right here on u.s. soil and the bay area doctors who are working around the dlclock to save his life. his fight is courageous. a story you don't want to miss tonight at # 1:00. well, the kiss is coming to alameda.
6:57 pm
starting today a sculpture depicting the famous kiss will be displayed. it commemorates the 66th anniversary of the end of world war ii and the birthday of the nurse being kissed there. the statue will move to pier 45 august 6th and 7th. >> one of the icon he can shots of american history. >> and she just recently passed away. coming up, amazing new technology out of stanford. it could effect everything from artificial hearts to animated tattoos. we'll talk with the host of this week's san francisco marathon and we're also going to tell you about a new way to buy and sell real estate. it's greener and more transparent. that's all coming up on comcast digital 186 in just a couple of minutes. >> enjoy your friday night. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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